Grab bars or grab rails are easily found in any of the following:

  • Hardware or Home Improvement stores
  • Medical supply stores
  • The household section of some department stores
  • Some Pharmacies

Funding, Services and Installation:

Depending on your country or local area there are a few methods of completing home modifications. Sometimes the health centre will fund the modifications but there is usually a long waiting list which is why some people opt to install the grab rails themselves. It is recommended that you consult your local health centre and ask to speak to an Occupational Therapist about the best method of completing home modifications. They will also be able to advise on grants which may be available and general costs associated with the modifications.

It is also common to have an equipment demonstration centre in major cities. It is important to trial equipment before purchasing so it is advisable to visit one of these centres to see all the options available. Do not rely solely on the advice of sales people and do not purchase equipment without consideration and recommendation.