1) Improve lighting by turning on lights, having plug in night-lights along hallways and keeping a lamp beside your bed.

lighting minimises risk of falls

2) Remove trip hazards like rugs, mats, loose cables or leads and clutter and use colour contrast tape around steps or raised doorways to easily see the edges of steps

falls risk in the bedroom

3) Prevent slipping on wet tiles, steps or floors by using a non-slip floor mat or non slip floor tape from the hardware store

4) Place furniture so that there is plenty of space to walk around and so you don’t have to stretch too far to open windows

5) Stabilise your balance by keeping things within easy reach and installing grab rails where necessary (e.g. the toilet and shower)

6) Keep chairs close by in case you need to sit down to rest.

7) Get a mobile phone or keep your handheld telephone or personal alarm on you at all times in case of emergency

8) Outside your home it is best to check the pathways are in good condition and make sure to keep pathways clear of garden tools and free from grease, oil or moss.