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Can you train your brain?

Brain Training is a popular subject in rehabilitation at the moment.  The development of computerised programmes coupled with the clinician’s desire to improve cognitive functioning has encouraged more research in this area. Unfortunately, evidence to support brain training is not as concrete as we would like. Some studies demonstrate successful findings but it has been found that commercial providers of brain games have been funding this research and so the findings may be questionable. When brain training first began in the 1970’s and 80’s it was used extensively in rehabilitation. After some research it was found that the participants...

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Best apps for Occupational Therapists to draw home modifications

Home modification drawings can often be time consuming. However there are now a variety of useful apps which is making the lengthy process more efficient, whether it’s for minor or major home modifications. Here are some of the best apps to speed up the paperwork process: 1) MyMeasures Pro: Available on Apple and Android this app allows you to take a photo of an object (i.e. shower/staircase) or room and add the dimensions and specifications of your modifications. It has both imperial and metric units and you can add comments to the photos for ease of communication. Easy to...

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