Home modification drawings can often be time consuming. However there are now a variety of useful apps which is making the lengthy process more efficient, whether it’s for minor or major home modifications. Here are some of the best apps to speed up the paperwork process:

1) MyMeasures Pro: Available on Apple and Android this app allows you to take a photo of an object (i.e. shower/staircase) or room and add the dimensions and specifications of your modifications. It has both imperial and metric units and you can add comments to the photos for ease of communication. Easy to use and best for minor home modifications.

2) Smart Measure: Easy to use tool to measure the distance, width, height and area of any object.

3) Photo Measures: Take a photo, Add dimensions. Quick and simple for taking measurements of rooms. Useful for minor mods. Available on Apple and Android

4) OT Draw: OT Draw, although not an app, is a great computer based programme which is excellent for major and minor home modifications. It allows you to draw simple and complex diagrams, design stairs and ramps, configure a room layout and draw onto a photograph which allows you to visualise desired modifications. It walks you through the process step by step and prompts you to input dimensions and measurements. This app is user friendly and makes communication much easier.

5) Magic Plan: Available on Apple and Android Magic Plan is really useful for major modifications where you need floor plans. This app measures and draws rooms just by taking a photo and if you connect it to another app called Floorplanner you can convert your plan to 3D. It takes a little getting used to but it’s a nice way to show clients what modifications you have in mind.

6) Keyplan 3d: Similar to Magicplan this app makes it easy to create a 3D view of the home. Ideal for major modifications it can create a picture of the current and potential layout of a home during major modifications. Only available on Apple.